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Yacht Tender Redefined.

The first encounter with a Carbon Craft luxury yacht tender instantly instills the feeling of a classic powerboat. It’s elegant lines, forward angled transom, and muscular bow create a sense of power and grace.

The new line of 2015 Carbon Craft tenders seamlessly blend innovative design with cutting edge performance and technology. With an emphasis on comfort and quality, the result is one of the most sophisticated production tenders in today’s market.

Designed to increase space, seating and amenities, the beautifully sculpted surfaces create an inimitably sporty elegance. giving a powerful visual expression of the driving experience that await

Our line of luxury tenders starts with the 110 which is designed to service a 3-stateroom yacht, the 130 with seating for 7 adults, and our latest model 160 with a diesel jet and seating for 9 adults.

Our Story

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It’s in the bold colors that define our taste. Engrained in every ounce of our prepreg carbon fiber construction. Running through every drop of fuel in our turbocharged inboard jet engines.

It’s the sense of fulfillment you get when you set off on new adventures. The confidence you have that your family is comfortable and secure without compromising style and class.
It’s our way of making sure you enjoy your time on the water.
Designed and handcrafted in the United States, we take pride in our work and are committed to maintaining a longstanding relationship for years to come.

Kenneth Pierce and Mark Levey, co-founders of Carbon Craft have been yachting for over 25 years. Unable to find a suitable yacht tender, the two designed a craft that would be the ultimate accessory to thier yachts.

To make their vision a reality they put together a team of designers and builders, who previously had been building America's Cup Racing Boats. The group used many innovative concepts. Including the use of advanced lightweight materials like carbon fiber and ground breaking concepts such as a closed cell foam collar.

Their vision of a compact design, focus on outstanding style and quality, changed the game. Unlike anything seen before, the Carbon Craft 110 and 130 Yacht Tenders were unveiled to exceptional acclaim and set a benchmark for the industry. Under Pierce and Levey's guidance, Carbon Craft will continue to innovate and bring exceptional design and quality to the yachting industry.

Why Carbon Fiber?

The yacht tender’s constraints in terms of weight and footprint have for decades limited the comfort and style available to yacht owners.  Transferring technology  from advanced aerospace applications, Carbon Craft has set a new standard, by extending the luxury finish of your yacht to the tender.  As a result, the experience you have when on the water expands to the water sports, island hopping, sunset cruises, and dinner destinations that are integral to enjoying time aboard.

100% carbon fiber construction allows for elimination of inflatable tubes, & provides 75% more interior space compared to any other tender on the market.

Classic styling, appointments of teak decking, ultraleather seating, & overall performance set our tenders apart from the status quo.



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